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inflatable air bed in a camping tent Shop and bid for a wide selection of inflatable air beds and mattresses at eBay auctions.  Most air beds available on eBay are the type of bed that is inflated for temporary use.  Some may be raised to a double height, which is close to normal bed height.  Air beds are usually configured as twin, double, queen, or king size beds.  They should have an electric pump for easy setup, and they often come with repair kits.  There are also a few specialty air beds designed as full time mattresses.  These beds generally have adjustable firmness selectors and possibly memory foam layers.

Before buying or selling any air bed that contains upholstery, check your local laws.  There are state laws that govern the resale of used mattresses.  See this article about used mattress resale laws for more information.

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Air Beds and Inflatable Mattresses at eBay

inflatable air bed mattress with foot pump
Inflatable Air Bed Mattress