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Relaxing on an Air Mattress
air mattress Many of us have slept on air mattresses for a few nights while visiting friends and family or while camping in the great outdoors.  Some of the early air mattresses were so thin that we could feel the ground or floor beneath us.  And quite often they developed leaks, so the air gradually escaped overnight.  This type of air mattress may also be used as a flotation device in swimming pools and at the beach.  Although these rudimentary air mattress are still available, many of today's air mattresses are a lot more comfortable and sophisticated.

electric air mattress pump Air mattresses are inflatable mattresses that, in their simplest form, are often used as temporary bedding or sleeping pads.  Years ago, many families had guest rooms with beds that were used only occasionally, but today's high cost of housing has made it necessary for each room to serve multiple purposes.  So air mattresses have become very popular, because they can be used in any room and are comfortable for overnight guests.  This type of air mattress, constructed from sheet vinyl or textile-reinforced vinyl, can be rolled up and stored compactly on a shelf.  It can be inflated by blowing air into a small air valve on the air mattress or, more efficiently, via a manual or electric air pump.

Higher quality air mattresses – sometimes called air beds – feature electric air pumps and easily adjustable firmness levels.  They are designed for long-term use as permanent beds and are available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.  Some air beds even provide separate firmness adjustments for each side of the mattress!  The materials and construction of these quality air mattresses may compare favorably to memory foam mattresses or traditional innerspring mattresses.

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When shopping for an air mattress, it is important to consider its primary use.  Rubber air mattresses are designed to last longer, and they are generally more expensive.  Those with latex-rubber air chambers can usually last for several years of daily use.  Vinyl air mattresses are least expensive, but they may only have 3 to 6 month guarantees.  However, this is based on daily use, so a vinyl air mattress may suffice for occasional house guest use over a period of years.

Here on, we feature a convenient directory of selected air mattress and adjustable bed suppliers.  For comparison purposes, we also list major foam mattress and innerspring mattress manufacturers as well as an independent sleep information resource.

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Pink Air Mattress (Macro Photo)

Air Mattress Manufacturer

  • Select Comfort
    This Minnesota-based mattress manufacturer offers a line of adjustable air beds.  Unlike traditional mattresses, which are made from metal coils and springs, their Sleep Number Bed uses uniquely designed air chambers to provide a gentle cushion of support that can be easily adjusted to your comfort and firmness preferences.

Mattress Supplier Directories

  • Mattress Manufacturers
    Directory of mattress manufacturers and distributors in the United States of America.
  • Mattress Retailers
    Directory of retail mattress stores and suppliers throughout the United States.

Sleep Resource

  • National Sleep Foundation
    This independent nonprofit organization is dedicated to improving public health and safety by achieving understanding of sleep and sleep disorders, and by supporting education, sleep-related research, and advocacy.

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